Take Control of Your Design Review Sessions!

Engineering Design Review sessions are an essential part of the product development process. The primary goal of these sessions is to understand the progress on the product, identify issues that’re hindering progress and find solutions to those issues. And unless the project manager is Dilbert’s Pointy-haired Boss, he relies heavily on the collaboration of various team members involved in the project.

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PLMBot simplifies design release process

In my last post, I discussed the potential of chatbots in enterprise software. My observation with several feature-rich enterprise software is that most users barely use a small percentage of the features in the software. Additionally, it is common for the user to spend very little time in the software per login session. It’s also not uncommon for significant time to elapse between multiple login sessions. An undesired byproduct of this pattern is that the user forgets how to perform basic tasks and needs repeated refresher training sessions. In my past life as a technical specialist on some very complex engineering and data management software, I would find myself training the same user over and over during the same year. The worst that can happen is the user stops using the software and finds creative ways of bypassing the ‘system’, often leading to disastrous consequences.

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User Experience, Enterprise Software and Multiple Personality Disorder - Part 1

Have you ever wondered why we tolerate (albeit, grudgingly) the look-and-feel of software at work, while we demand the highest level of intuitiveness and ease-of-use from apps that we use outside of work? What is at the heart of this Multiple Personality Disorder? Is it that we as users have resigned to the harsh reality that enterprise software vendors will continue to ignore usability as being a true differentiator against competitors? Plausible explanations include:

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