Managing a product's lifecycle is easier than you think

FusePLM is a cloud-based system that uses an intuitive cards-based approach to manage your issues, change process, parts and Bill of Materials.

We're on a mission to make PLMs simple and affordable.

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Why Use FusePLM

Intuitive UX

Fresh approach to process workflows using cards. Drag and Drop cards to change their state. Assess impact of change to your product quickly through an easy-to-understand Impact Visualizer.


Industry-first virtual PLM assistant, PLMBot, leverages Artificial Intelligence to perform tedious product management tasks, without the need to know ‘How do I do that?’

Secure Full-Cloud

Built on Amazon’s secure, reliable and scalable AWS platform. Realize immediate reduction in operational costs.

Integrated Task-List

Tasks resulting from workflows are integrated into your personal To-Do list automatically, shrinking the time to complete change orders.

Frequently Asked Questions

FusePLM is built on REST (Representational State Transfer) APIs. This allows you to perform "RESTful" operations like read, modify, add or delete data from your external systems.
FusePLM can import Excel BOM, parts and products. The Import Manager allows you to map any attributes from your Excel BOM to existing attributes in FusePLM or create new if you don't exist in FusePLM.
FusePLM is built on Amazon Web Services (AWS) infrastructure which puts strong safeguards in place to protect customer privacy. All data is stored in highly secure AWS data centers.
No. There is no limit on the # of boards, lists, cards, BOMs you can create in the trial version.

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